Customer advocate

  • Go to our offices. Our staff will try to help you solve your problem.
  • If we have not satisfied your demands, please write to our Customer Service ( This service has the obligation to resolve complaints or claims within a maximum period of one month if you are considered a “consumer” and within two months in all other cases.
  • In case of disagreement with the result of the pronouncement of our Service, or if after two months since you have submitted your complaint or claim, your request has not been resolved, you must contact the Claims Service of the General Directorate of Insurance and Funds. Pensions.


  • Law 44/2002, of November 22, on measures to reform the financial system.
  • Order ECO/734/2004 of March 11, on customer service departments and services and the ombudsman of financial entities.
  • Order ECC/2502/2012, of November 16, which regulates the procedure for submitting claims to the claims services of the Bank of Spain, the National Securities Market Commission and the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds .
  • Royal Decree-Law 3/2020, of February 4, on urgent measures by which various directives of the European Union in the field of public procurement in certain sectors are incorporated into the Spanish legal system; private insurance; pension plans and funds; in the tax field and tax litigation.
  • Law 7/2017, of November 2, which incorporates into the Spanish legal system Directive 2013/11/EU, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of May 21, 2013, relating to the alternative resolution of disputes in consumption matter.

Customer Advocate